I always like to look at motorcycles of the past and it is something that gives me more passion for riding mine. I have been riding bikes for a few years now and it is always very exciting for me and something that I love to do every chance that I get. Looking at old and new bikes online is something I like to do as well.

There are all kinds of amazing custom bikes out there as well as classic bikes and bikes that represent the latest technology. I hope to one day own a real iconic bike and it has been a dream of mine for a long time. Before I am able to do that, I can look at different bikes and read about them and learn about the history of riding motorcycles.

Old motorcycles definitely have a classic beauty to them and there is something so inspiring and breathtaking about them. They are a great way to remind me why I love bikes so much and riding them. I am always looking at pictures of bikes online and setting them as my screensaver and collecting pictures as well. There is always a new bike to look at and get inspired by.

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